We assist our clients with food service design, operational consulting, strategic planning for cafes, restaurants, retail, catering and more!

Designs for Food Service

Our CAD department is comprised of computer design specialists that are meticulous about the details.

Design Development

Great solutions follow great design… We have almost 40 years experience developing food preparation areas, food service lines, and dining rooms for food service operators. Our design team develops working solutions from initial concepts. By utilizing Computer Aided Design (CAD) our design team addresses each food service area. Food Service Operators can rest assured that the design will be efficient, effective, will meet food safety requirements and be compliant with ADA guidelines.

To aid operators in the sales of new contracts and contract extensions we provide floor plans, 3D renderings, and material boards as motivating sales tools. The detailed design presentation art will communicate every aspect of the project. As a specifying dealer we analyze traffic flow, provide back-of-house kitchen equipment, and front-of-house service area and furniture solutions. Often times we work in parallel with in-house design teams as well, recommending equipment and layout adjustments that will produce the best operation of each food service site.

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Project Consultation

We have learned what works… Our proven food service design experience is a precious value added service. When you ask for Axis Designs to help with your food service project, you are asking for experienced designers to oversee every aspect of the project. Food service equipment and fabrication is in our name, and we know what we are talking about. Of course if your in house design teams have developed a complete plan, we will look through and confirm what works and make suggestions concerning known issues we see before fabrication. We spend a lot of time reviewing the plans to make sure we are providing a solution that works great in reality. It may look good on paper but if it doesn’t work in reality, well… then what.

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Food Service Fabrication

We pay close attention to all fixtures, furniture and equipment components of the project. High quality fabrication is essential in making great designs functional. Through advanced fabrication techniques and machinery we provide the highest quality food service environments. Our original CAD designs often translate directly to our CNC manufacturing platform, providing quality, consistency, and advanced design elements. Your client’s satisfaction with the quality of their new food service facility will help you retain their business for many years to come.

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Equipment Consolidation

There is tremendous value… in consolidation of shipments from many manufacturers at one place. This is done in advance with enough time to react to unexpected issues before final delivery. Keeping track of your project’s required equipment is a job within itself. Our equipment consolidation services ensure that every piece of equipment is considered and accounted for. We receive all equipment and fixtures manufactured by others at our warehouse. We open and inspect the equipment making sure each is free from damage and that all accessories are included. Each job’s equipment list is compiled into an inventory report, we then repack and make ready for final delivery to job location. All equipment is covered under Axis Designs property insurance helping you rest easy.

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Delivery Freight and Packaging

Timing is everything… Our team will coordinate the delivery of equipment, fixtures and furniture at the appropriate time utilizing qualified carriers wherever the project is located throughout the country.

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Proper installation is just as important as great design. Our install team carefully unloads and unpacks all items after they arrive at the food service site. On large buildouts equipment and millwork is staged for ease of installation. Our install team is sure to inspect each piece of equipment and each fixture as they are unpacked, looking for any damage that may have occurred in transportation. They then begin installation in a clean and planned manner.

As installation progresses our installers check for proper floor placement, fit and finish, equipment placement and that all standards are achieved. Once the installation is complete and trash has been removed from the site, we perform an equipment start-up and demonstration if requested.

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We won’t leave you in the dark. New styles of equipment and people new to different equipment need training. We are happy to provide this guidance as well as engage factory representatives and authorized service agencies to assist in the complete understanding and proper operation of the equipment.

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New contracts are your life line for growth…  What if you were able to approach your prospective clients with turnkey solutions. Relieving them of the worries and frustrations of the build-out process is value added service, to them and to you. In addition to that what if you can present to them a well thought through design, realistic timeline and budget? Simply more value added service…

We have your back… Our design team will analyze the space, specify equipment and custom furnishings and produce high quality computer renderings of your prospect’s facility.  You bring us into the project… We do the work, you look good!

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Retain… Retain… Retain… Account retention is the name of the game. Consider the investment of effort put into attaining new business, retaining it should be treated with equal effort. The value of keeping your contracts intact is well worth it…

Axis Designs is constantly moving forward in the industry. We help you by providing options to your client for improving food service environments that will keep customers engaged thereby retaining you as their food service provider!

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Contract extensions equal security… Often times owners and account contacts are looking for ways to improve their facilities. Who better to help them than you, the food service operator. You know operations and we have specialized knowledge and expertise in equipment and furnishings. Together we bring a tremendous and trusted value to your accounts!

Opportunity to invest in your accounts is exciting… it means your customer values you and is willing to extend your contract. Have confidence that our depth of design and quality deliverables will have a lasting effect and that it will create a win/win for everyone

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